20th Anniversary ISSSEEM Conference, Boulder, CO

The ISSSEEM 2010 conference theme “Evidence-based Spirituality for the 21st Century” will bring together the fascinating, the technical, the studies, the applications and the search for meaning and value in human life. Thought and action will be stimulated around the development of evidence-based, or at least evidence enriched spirituality that is effective and compatible with modern science. This calls for essential science (not scientism) to refine and integrate spiritual practices with scientific knowledge for the advancing human happiness, psychological and bodily health, spiritual growth and beneficial life styles for oneself and others. It is time to move on from seeking the scientific basis for humans as spiritual beings to practical applications of what is already known. For example, how can prayer healing and psychic healing be taught more widely and effectively? What’s the best way to integrate these into the best of regular medicine? Do we survive bodily death in some form, as some mediumistic communications and reincarnation research suggest? How can we get better evidence for or against this idea, and if the evidence keeps piling up for it, what are implications for how we live our lives?

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