Hirsch to present “Biotheology, Imagery & Healing” in Berlin

Hirsch will present her presentation, "Biotheology, Imagery and Healing" in Bielfeldt, Germany on May 27th at 20:00 hrs and in Berlin on May 28th at 16:00 hrs at the Institute for Art,  Science and Healing.

http://domokos-kracht.euOde to Subtle Woo

"Couched in the disciplines of anthropology, psychophysiology, psychiatry, psychoneuroimmunology, philosophy/theology and art, this presentation focuses on imagery as a powerful vehicle for physical and emotional healing. Her blending of science and art reveals existing relationships between form in nature, form in human physiology and behavior, as well as the forms that are present universally in all alphabets. Drawing from her years of solitary wilderness sojourns, biomedical and neuroscientific research dealing with mind/body patterning, as well as her experience in diverse world cultures, including Tibetan Tantric visualization and Cabala, Hirsch addresses the hardwired wisdom of the body as the repository of intuition and intrinsic knowledge -- leading toward health and behavior benefiting the greater good."        

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