International Festival, “Shamanism & Art” – Republic of Buryatia

Hirsch is one of the scheduled speakers at the International Festival, "Shamanism and Art." She will present her paper, "Artist as Shaman. Conjuring Healing: Imagery, Bio-theology, Health and Right Action." "Over a period of forty years, I have come to understand that my life as an artist parallels the life of a shaman in many ways. This idea has been corroborated by witnessing ritual and practice in the many cultures I have both lived in and visited. This paper, based on personal experience, focuses on imagery as a powerful vehicle for physical/emotional healing, and recognizes the body as the repository of intuition, creativity and intrinsic knowledge leading toward behavior benefiting the greater good." Topics for round-table discussion of the academic symposium, "Shaman: Personality, Psychophysiology and Creativity" will be: 1. )  Shaman and Priest: Limits and peculiarities of practices, role and place in society 2. )  Shaman in the world of people and the world of spirits (the phenomenon of personality) 3. )  Shaman: Transformation of Soul and Body (psychophysiology of a "medium between the worlds") 4. )  Shaman and Storyteller: Possibilities of "mind travel" and creative self-expression Organised by the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Science, the festival will take place on August 3-9, 2010, Republic of Buryatia, Tunka Region.

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