Artist Statement

My paintings are about the ineffable, the ascent toward numinous where light reigns. I embark on the mysterious voyage toward revelation with a thought, memory, word, embodied in a charged swirl of a multicolored brush.

The discovery process continues with layer upon layer of call and response to the developing image as more associations, thoughts, memories, or patterns are triggered. Elevating, ritualistic non-specific forms emerge. Fascinated, I am driven by emerging clues toward finding the elusive entirety. I am hooked into an experiential dig, an archeology of elemental form analogous to the careful search for images scratched and painted into caves preserved beneath layers of time and history, slowly illuminated for the first time. I am ultimately persuaded that an original life has been conjured when the new form breathes on its own and ceases to ask for attention – when light and shadow have achieved a unique reality that is welcoming, resonant, relevant and healing.

News & Announcements

Current and Recent Events –

Gilah Yelin Hirsch will deliver a keynote presentation: The Lineaments of Oneness: From Exile to Independence at the 7th World Congress and School on Universal Logic (UNILOG 2022), Chania/Crete (Greece), April 6-11, 2022

She was also invited to represent the US in the International Painters’ Symposium: El Umbeligo de la Luna, Retorno al Miktlan, 2º Simposio Internacional de art, The Navel of the Moon in Mexico City, October 25 – November 9, 2021

Recent Presentations –

The Wedding of Mysticism and Science: From Aleph to DNA – or DNA to Aleph? Online presentation, 8th Biennial Conney Conference on Jewish Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, March 27-30, 2022

Keynote address: The Healing Power of Form: Summoning the Unified Field – a Path Toward Healing, at the 25th Silver Anniversary conference of Healing Beyond Borders – Illuminating a Path of Healing – September 1-4, Omni Interlocken Resort Hotel, Broomfield, Colorado – rebroadcast on Zoom with a live international Q & A on October 15, 2021

Recent Exhibitions –

Imagining Lost Glyphs of Xochicalco, preparing for Miktlan. Second International Painters’ Symposium, El Retorno al Miktlan, KAM, Mexico City, 2021

Let There Be Art, Temple Beth Am Virtual Art Show, 2021

Hope/Esperanza, International Art Exhibition Online, emanating from Mexico, dedicated to the many artists we have lost in to Covid in 2021.

Recent Publications –

Meeting Elmer Green, WINN, January 7, 2022

The Yelin Family Torah: Gilah’s Story, Medium, digital publication, August 2021

Brush or Pen: 1000 Strokes or a Thousand Words?, International Journal of Healing and Caring, January 2021 issue, Volume 21, No. 1

Save the Date –

Archaeology of Metaphor, Retrospective Exhibition, OCCCA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, October 1-30, 2022


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